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With the year of the Dragon upon us, renowned Feng shui master Clarice Chan shares tips to know before you start renovating your new home.

Happy Chinese New Year
Year of the Wood Dragon - Happy Chinese New Year

As we enter the Year of the Dragon with a sense of renewed purpose, homeowners who are working on their first renovation may wonder how they can similarly create harmony in their abodes. So, for ease, here are a few feng shui tips for the year of the dragon.

Before the construction work even begins, among the first steps that many homeowners in Asia would consider is to consult a feng shui master. With a thoughtful adherence to feng shui principles, it is possible to create an inviting environment at home that fosters feelings of peace, while conveying elements that symbolise a sense of abundance and prosperity into your abode.

As Singapore-based feng shui master Clarice Chan tells us, “The movement of energy in the home, known as qi, can make a difference in how you feel and what can be achieved. Using feng shui techniques to create a consistent flow of healthy energy or chi in your home, can help to enhance creativity and improve your well-being, strengthen relationships, and enhance wealth and success.”

Bring luck and joy into the new year, with these top tips to keep in mind before you move into your new home.

What are the most important factors to consider when moving into a new home? Clarice Chan (CC):

Selecting an auspicious date and time suitable for both homeowners and occupants is an important practice when moving into a new home.  

In feng shui, your kitchen is more than a space to prepare your meals. Feng shui stresses the importance of having a well-designed kitchen; the oven, hob, and wash basin must be in positions beneficial to you and your family.

The best directions for the kitchen are the Southeast and the East, as these placements represent wood. The element is seen as metaphysically suitable according to feng shui theories since wood promotes fire. If you are unable to have your kitchen in this location, placing a stove or hob in these directions is also acceptable.

Bring good energy into your home, by avoiding these placements in the bedroom:

  • Having the foot of your bed pointing directly to the entrance of the room’s door.

  • Having your bed directly under an exposed beam.

  • The entrance to the bedroom should not be directly opposite the bathroom or beside the bed.

The flow of energy is very important in feng shui
The appliance positioning in a feng shui kitchen should be beneficial to you and your family

Babies are vulnerable to surrounding energy. Therefore, when setting up your baby’s nursery, ensure their health and development by taking every precaution. Soft and light colours are more suitable for a baby’s nursery or playroom than bright colours. Avoid positioning the baby cot directly opposite the door, as your baby will be exposed to incoming energy, resulting in poor sleep or even nightmares.

What kinds of furniture should new homeowners look out for when decorating their homes?CC:

Shapes are important when decorating your new home since each form can have its own symbolic meaning. The shape and size of your dining table are some of the most crucial pieces of furniture to homeowners and its occupants. Create harmony with a dining table that is round, square, or rectangular.

Odd shapes, especially ones that are eight-sided, allude to the design of the ba gua symbol (an eight-sided symbol that represents the basic principles of feng shui) and should be avoided.

The dining table can impact your career or business, too. A home without a dining table or one too small would imply that instability. Therefore, the ideal dining table should allow the entire family to sit comfortably together without having to squeeze.

What practices can new homeowners adopt to maximise feng shui in their space? CC:

  • Keep the path to your front door clean and clear from clutter.

  • Clear the clutter in each room to let the energy flow.

  • Mirrors should be hung in a space that reflects more light, a serene view, or an expansive part of the room.

  • Open the windows and let natural light into the rooms, especially in the morning, to rejuvenate the energy back into your home.

What kind of plants should a homeowner get when moving into a new home? CC:

Plants are considered important in feng shui as they promote growth and help to clean and improve the energy or chi in our home. Certain plants are favoured and popular due to their reputation for improving health, prosperity, and relationships.

These are some feng shui plants to consider:

  • Peace lily: Brings peace and harmony; reduces negativity.

  • Jade plant: Symbolic of growth and renewal, these plants closely resemble jade coins, which are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

  • Money plant: Promotes vitality, enhances money luck, and general good luck.

  • Chinese bamboos: Known to bring wealth, fortune and good luck.

  • Pothos plant: A lucky plant that helps to bring its owner wealth and good fortune.

What are the auspicious colours that will bring homeowners good luck and fortune this year? CC:

Colours are representative of the five elements of feng shui. These are natural elements, namely: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

Using auspicious colours can help control the flow of positive and negative energy in your home this year. Placing these colours in the respective areas of your home is especially ideal this year to promote good feng shui throughout your home.

  • Gold, Silver or White belong to the Metal Element and are suitable for North and Northwest areas.

  • Red, Orange, and Purple belong to the Fire Element and are ideal for the South of the home to bring prosperity.

  • Yellow or Beige belong to the Earth Element and are good for the West area to strengthen social status and personal power.

  • Green belongs to the Wood Element and is suitable for the East and Southeast and it promotes growth and vitality.

  • Red and Brown are suitable for the Southwest and Northeast to harness positive energy.

  • Blue and Red are suitable for the North.

  • Black and Blue are Water Elements and they are suitable for the North, East or Southeast.

When moving into a new home, what are some of the general feng shui dos and don’ts? CC:

There are many dos and don’ts that stem from many traditions and were passed down through generations and incorporated into feng shui. 


  • Select an auspicious date and time to move into your new home. 

  • All renovations should be completed a few days before moving in. 

  • Get ready to bring a rice box filled with rice (up to 80 per cent) and a Chinese red packet with money to your new home.

  • Altars and ancestors’ tablets should be moved in and worshipped first. 

  • Select an auspicious date and time for bed installation.  

  • Prepare a tray or basket of essential items to promote stability and abundance in your home. Place fruits, sweets, tea, oil, sauce, salt, and vinegar inside to bring with you on move-in day.

  • Rolling a pineapple from the main entrance into the unit is also an auspicious practice. 


  • Arguments and unlucky words shall be avoided. 

  • Avoid bringing old brooms on your moving day. 

  • Avoid moving into your new home after sunset. 

  • Avoid drilling and nailing activities on your moving day. 

  • Avoid entering the new home empty-handed. 

  • Avoid moving in on a listed bad day in the Chinese calendar. 

  • Avoid moving in during the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival (August 18th).

What feng shui tips do you have specifically for new homeowners in the different zodiacs?CC:

Here is my advice for each zodiac sign:

  • Rat: Place flowers in your living room to calm your energy on stressful days. 

  • Ox: Select a warm colour for bedding to help balance your yin and yang. 

  • Tiger: Add bright ornaments or paintings to your living environment to help keep you inspired and motivated.

  • Rabbit: Add some feng shui plants to your home to keep you calm and relaxed. 

  • Dragon: Minimise clutter and have open spaces in your environment for mental clarity. 

  • Snake: Create a cosy corner for yourself for relaxation. 

  • Horse: Modern art and décor will keep you feeling bright.

  • Goat: Place ceramic or earthy and neutral-coloured ornaments to create a stable and grounding energy for you.  

  • Monkey: The use of green or blue colours in the study area of your home will keep you feeling bright and positive.  

  • Rooster: Gold or white ornaments in your living room will help to raise your personal vibration. 

  • Dog: Create a cosy corner for relaxation as you tend to work too hard. 

  • Pig: Keep your room bright and tidy to enhance your personal well-being. 

The above article is courtesy of Margaux Levy from Tatler Asia. Full article here.

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